Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Getting Ready

Location: Beckenham, UK
Temperature: 18c

Tan Watch: Very slightly brown from holiday in Ayia Napa

So I have decided to write this blog to update family and friends about what I have been doing and how I am as I go on my travels! I will try to update as much as I can and take lots of photos for you all to see. I've also decided to record the temperature and the progress of my tan to make you all even more jealous, ha!

Plan is to visit Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia over 6 months staying in various places along the way (including Buddhist monastery, orphanage, floating bungalows, huts on deserted beaches, and plenty of hostels!). I'm also going to try to find work once I get to Perth as by then I'm pretty sure I will be running out of money - but I'll try not to worry about that until I need to! These are the places that I am planning to go over my first few months (plus Sydney and Melbourne but they didn't fit on the page...) -

I've booked my flights, had my jabs and read Eat, Pray, Love cover to cover (all essential preparation!). I've also, finally, bought a backpack and I have to say after lugging it around Croydon for half an hour am dreading having to actually carry it with stuff inside for hours at a time - it's almost as big as me! At least I guess I will come home with muscles, who needs the gym?

And so now the countdown begins and all that's left to do is pack and say my goodbyes. I have 4 days left in the UK and am getting very very excited, I can't wait to get out there. My flight is Saturday evening and I arrive Sunday afternoon. Next time I blog I will be 6,000 miles away in Bangkok!

Wish me luck...

Jem xx

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  1. Good luck Jem! Will be following your progress with interest and envy!
    Val et al xxxx